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New Forest Drive Cleaning

The appearance of your driveway is one of the first things visitors to your home notice, however we all know that cleaning your drive with a DIY power washer can be a messy, time consuming and difficult task.

We use a range of high quality professional equipment which can clean much quicker and more efficiently than any of the DIY machines.

The procedure we would generally follow and recommend for standard block paved drives

  • Weed and Fungicidal Killing Wash – To clean block surfaces free of accumulated dirt, grime and stains, removes weed moss, lichens, moulds and fungal spores. Pre-treat to remove remove tyre marks, oil and chewing gum.
  • Full Professional Pressure Clean – Using our flat surface rotary cleaners and 2900 psi 13 hp Honda engine pressure washers, along with our turbo and other lances. This ensures that all the surface is thoroughly cleaned. All debris is removed and site is left clear.
  • Re-sanding of Block Joints – Using fresh kiln dried sand, to stabilise and strengthen paving and inhibit future weed growth. We can also at this stage resand using "Dansand No Weed" blockpaving sand.


  • Application of suitable Sealant (optional) – To further inhibit future weed growth and increase the durability and lifespan of your paving.
  • We have a selection of sealers available and we would recommend the most suitable – These are either a matt acrylic organic solvent free sealer, or the more durable polymer high solids solvent or polyurethane variety.
New Forest Drive Cleaning



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The Benefits of Sealing

  • Solidifies jointing sand, inhibiting weed growth, ant infestation and loss of sand from joints
  • Protects against colour loss.
  • Oil resistant.
  • Waterprooofs paving, restricting surface growth of algaes and lichens.
  • Increases durability and lifespan of paving.
  • Makes paving easier to maintain.

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